As a key part of the small Special Cameras team I’ve developed a few things…..

  • Swimming – Halibut (the view from the bottom of the pool)
  • Diving – PlungeCam (follows the diver from platform to pool)
  • Rowing – BuoyCam
  • Cricket – HD Stumpcam
  • Golf – Bunkercam

You get the idea.

I’ve developed numerous on-board camera systems which have been driven, sailed, ridden and flown, and all manner of remote control cameras capable of withstanding extreme conditions, enabling broadcasters to give you the best view of events from all over the world including:

  • Summer and Winter Olympic Games
  • World Rally Championships
  • Commonwealth Games
  • Big Cat Live
  • Springwatch
  • Wimbledon
  • Boat Race
  • World Cup
  • Golf
  • Americas cup

What excites me still…

After all these years making a camera system from scratch for a specific purpose still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up the minute I see it working and doing its job.

Touring Cars

Driving a remote camera which was following the car in front as it went around the course was a bit like playing a great big video game, only with real cars!  That won our department an RTS nomination for innovation.

Isle of Man TT

Sending a text to a recording system at the Isle of Man TT races and getting the reply that it was happy, with a full battery.  I know that’s a bit techy but knowing that something I had designed and built was out in the woods, miles away, working exactly as I had imagined it? That’s priceless.

Big Cat Live

Every day we would go out into the Masai Mara to change batteries on the remote cameras mounted on old Land Rovers.  One day we had to climb over the carcass of some creature that had been eaten that night.  It might have been a zebra but you couldn’t really tell.  On another occasion we got caught up in a swarm of flying termites, the first time any of us had seen one.

I love that feeling when you get home and you see your shot on the telly in your own front room and you can say with all honesty that  ‘I did that’ – from the idea to the actual field of play.  It doesn’t matter if the shot is of a pack of hyenas or taken from underneath a group of swimmers.